The Movement and Blur Project

The Movement and Blur project is ongoing. I seek people willing to collaborate with me to create a series of fine art photographs that will be eventually be made into a coffee table book. I do not expect anyone to participate in my project without compensation. I provide participants with high resolution copies of the images burned on a DVD for their personal use for a test shoot. I will however, require a signed model release to be provided to me before the model receives their CD of images. Once selected to be the primary model for this project, we will negotiate a suitable monetary compensation for the project. Participating in a test shoot is not a paid shoot.

I usually photograph the person (model) against a plain black cloth background so there is no distraction from the purity of the movement. The audition process is simple. The model can be male or female, young or old, perfect body or not. What I need is a person who can move. They need to be able to feel the light upon their body and move so that the movement captured by the camera turns their body into liquid light. It is important to me that there be enough blur so that the model’s identity can not be recognized. The project is all about the blur and movement rather than being able to recognize whether the model is Gertrude or Joe or Rebeca. I especially appreciate a model who is creative and can contribute to the choreography of the movements. Every consideration and respect will be given to the sensitivity of the model being nude. If the model desires to have a chaperone in attendance or not for the test shoot or later shootings, that is fine with me. I do request that the model remain sober before and during the shoot.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please feel free to contact me at: (313) 804-9266 or send me an email at:

If you wish to view samples of previous shoots, please feel free to visit the Bryce Denison Fine Art web page at: and navigate to the fine art page and click on Movement and Blur.  I look forward to working with you. 

-Bryce Denison