Bryce Denison Fine Art Photography Seminars

Brace for Impact! Outdoor photos that POP!



Price: $85.00

About the Seminar

This intensive one-day seminar will provide you with the information to enable you to stand in front of your favorite subject; know that you have a plan of what to do; how to see and compose and execute the photo that you have in your mind. To borrow a word from Ansel Adams: visualization. Photography is the blend of art and science. This seminar will provide the information and techniques to take the outdoor photos you want.

With over 45 years teaching photography, Bryce Denison teaches beginner and advanced photographers an effective, yet simple workflow to make strong effective photographs in the camera so that the computer based editing can be minimized. Don't worry, fixing it later in Photoshop is not what we teach. We limit the size of the seminar to 100 or less to make sure everyone will receive the maximum photographic learning experience.

This seminar will feature examples and offer tips and examples on subjects as diverse as the landscape, nature, wildlife, sports, astro photography, and many other outdoor genres. Techniques and tips will include reading and understanding histograms for perfect exposure and the difference between shooting in .jpeg and RAW, critical focus techniques, back button focusing, fill flash, tilt/shift lenses, HDR, panorama photographs, Infra-red B&W images and focus stacking.

Most seminars present an avalanche of information so great that taking notes during the presentation, can lead only to missing much of the information being shared. We will give you a DVD with much of the information on it so you can sit back and listen entently to the program knowing that the notes are already on the DVD.


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Lunch is not included in the seminar tuition, early morning coffee and snacks are included. Also included is the DVD with the seminar notes. There will be a table in the back of the room displaying books and CD's of Bryce's work available for purchase.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your reservation, for any reason prior to 48 hours before the start of the seminar and receive an $75 refund. Less than 48 hour cancellations will result in a loss of your fee unless we can fill your spot with another person. No refund for no-shows. Registration and seating is on a first-come - first served basis. We are happy to accommodate people with wheelchairs.